As Bitcoin Keeps Tanking, Arthur Hayes Joins Chorus of USD 1M BTC Predictors and Warns of ‘The Doom Loop’

With the price of bitcoin (BTC) falling lower, former CEO Arthur Hayes is joining the ranks of the most bullish bitcoin proponents, with a USD 1m price prediction as part of what he calls “the doom loop” that started with sanctioning Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

“The shock of canceling the world’s largest energy producer from the dominant Western financial system cannot be undone,” Hayes wrote in a new lengthy essay titled The Doom Loop.

He added that policymakers cannot ignore what he called “the precarious nature” of funds held in the form of Western fiat after Western governments decided to freeze Russian central bank reserves, and said the Doom Loop’s occurrence, therefore “is assured.”

“The Doom Loop will usher in USD 1 million Bitcoin and USD 10,000 — USD 20,000 gold by the end of the decade,” Hayes wrote.

Making sense of what the destruction circle is, the frank previous trade CEO said the circle begins when countries with exchange overflows start to put their excess into hard resources, for example, bitcoin, gold, and different products, instead of USD-designated obligation resources.

Hayes predicts that this will compel national banks in nations with deficiencies – primarily the US and the European Union – to take part in supposed yield bend control.

Yield bend control includes work by national banks to cover yields so the public authority can keep on paying for itself in ostensible government-issued money terms. It is accordingly a way for the public authority to blow up away obligation instead of default on it.

Also, as indicated by Hayes, it is yield bend control that will get us a bitcoin cost of USD 1m “before the decade’s over.”

“[Yield curve control] is the end game. When it is finally implicitly or explicitly declared, it’s game over for the value of the USD vs. gold and more importantly Bitcoin,” Hayes wrote.

And while he admitted that many readers will likely find this far-fetched, he said yield curve control is “coming sooner than you think” thanks to actions taken by Western governments on sanctions against Russia.

Notably, Hayes also said that even if nation-states with surpluses stay away from bitcoin and instead invest all of their surpluses into gold, this will necessitate yield curve control in Western nations. And once this starts, a bitcoin price of USD 1m is in play, he repeated.

‘The EU is finished’

Additionally, Hayes highlighted another situation that is likewise in play that could bring bitcoin to the USD 1m objective: the separation of the EU.

As per Hayes, the European Central Bank (ECB) will be compelled to print cash to guarantee residents can in any case bear the cost of necessities like food and energy notwithstanding an end in provisions from Russia. As usual, in any case, cash printing prompts expansion, which thusly will prompt divisions between EU part states in the north and south.

“Yet again the ECB is caught, the EU is done, and inside the ten years we will exchange Lira, Drachmas, and Deutschmarks,” Hayes composed.

Lira, Drachmas, and Deutschmarks were the public government-issued types of money of Italy, Greece, and Germany before most EU nations embraced the euro as their single cash.

“As the association breaks down, cash will be imprinted in magnificent amounts in a pantheon of various nearby monetary standards. Excessive inflation isn’t off the table. Furthermore, once more, as European savers smell what the stone is cookin’, they will escape into hard resources like gold and Bitcoin. The separation of the EU = $1 million Bitcoin,” Hayes composed.

Not the principal USD 1m per BTC call
The most recent expectations from Hayes imply that the previous crypto trade CEO has joined the positions of various bitcoin defenders who contend at a USD 1m BTC cost target.

Maybe generally remarkable among them, Ark Investment Management, the asset driven by the notable innovation financial backer Cathie Wood, says it accepts BTC will arrive at USD 1m or more by 2030.

A huge driver for this will be interest from financial backers in the managed piece of the economy as more bitcoin-based venture items become accessible, with extra interest from use cases like settlements, country state depositories, corporate depositories, and as cash in developing business sectors, the firm said.

Meanwhile, at 10:45 UTC, BTC exchanged at around USD 39,100 and was down 3% in a day, 6% in seven days. It additionally dropped 16% in a month and 28% in a year.

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